The One Inning Challenge

Trying To See For One Inning

One thing that I used to do to get better at photography is to set little challenges for myself. One of those challenges was the one inning challenge. I would make photos for one inning and try and capture as much as I could in that inning. Last night my oldest was playing on the Central Catholic softball field, but I had a half hour before her game to make some photos. That was one inning of this JV baseball game. It was fun getting out there and making images with a little goal in mind again. I don’t know that I made anything amazing, but it was fun to make some baseball photos if only for one inning.

Seeing Leming Field Again

One of my favorite fields around here to photograph is Gordon Leming Field. There are little things about it that remind me of Schreiber Field in my hometown of LaPorte. There is something about the way that the outfield looks along with how it is maintained that brings back memories of how Schreiber Field looked to me as a kid. You can tell that it is maintained with love. I try and get out to CC every year to make photos there. Hopefully I will get more than one inning there this year. Here are a few more favorites from my inning at Leming Field.

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