Day Three Of The 2023 Big Tennis Women’s Tennis Championships

Day Three Of The 2023 Big Tennis Women’s Tennis Championships

Okay so at this point the tournament is over. When this post goes live you will know who won the tournament. In fact that tournament was last month by now.This has never been a breaking news blog so I purposely let it get behind to give me some time to write these posts. Day three of the tournament was spent inside for the most part. An early morning rain and wind kept us from using the outdoor courts. Being inside really limits what you can do. You are pretty much forced to rely on images from the side, and you don’t have as much freedom to move around. You have to plan a little more on where you need to be as you can’t always move with the matches going on. On the plus side when we did get outside for the last match the light was pretty good, and we even had a brief little rainbow. After two straight 12+ hour days making photos I could have been hurting during the last match, but they brought the energy and it really pumped me up as well. Here are some of my favorite images from day three of the Big Ten Women’s Tennis Championship.

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