Day Two Of The 2023 Big Tennis Women’s Tennis Championships

Day Two Of The 2023 Big Tennis Women’s Tennis Championships

By the time this post goes live it will be the final day of the Big Ten Women’s Tennis Championships. We will be set to crown a champion. I purposely let the blog get a little behind though to allow myself some time to get these posts ready. As day two of the championships started I was started the first of two straight days with four matches. When each match goes about three hours you can do the math and see that I didn’t have much time for anything like blog posts. I have always said that I make better photos when I have been making a lot of photos. When I have long breaks I don’t feel that I see or sense what is happening in my games as well. Lately I have been making a lot of photos so I have been feeling good about my photography. Having a 12+ hour day making photos really forces you to start thinking outside of the box a little. You are trying to find anything a little different. The one big upset of the day was the host Purdue lost to Nebraska. The night cap was interesting to photograph as we moved from outside in beautiful light to inside where the light is not as good though. Either way at that point of the night I was going to have to go to shorter and faster glass. When you photograph something like this you are basically making stock images all day. Here and there you can grab one for yourself. When you get those chances it is much more rewarding. Here are some of my favorite photos from day two of the Big Ten Women’s Tennis Championship.

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