The First Warblers Of 2023

My First Warblers Photographed In 2023

Every year spring means many things. One of them of course is the return of spring sports. After a long winter cooped up in gyms it is great to get outside and make photos again. It also means the return of the colorful migrating birds as they head north for the summer. I love capturing their color every year as they come through. This year I have not been out as much as I would like. I had one trip where I saw some warblers, but none of them in any kind of photographable position. Last Monday though I had a few fly in front of my lens during my short walk. This palm warbler was the first one that I photographed this year. I love the palm warbler for some reason. It always looks good in the camera. It was cool to see it first.

More Warblers

I have not been back to the bog since Monday. I have seen that there are a lot of birds passing through. This week is going to be rough to get out there though because it is jam packed. I will have to make some time to get out there and see if I can add to my warbler collection.

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