A Walk Around The Celery Bog

Taking A Quick Lap Around The Celery Bog

Yesterday I went out to the Celery Bog for a walk after the kids were at school. I didn’t know quite what to expect from my walk. I was hoping to see a few warblers and other signs that spring is really here. I did see some warblers although none in any good positions to make photos of them. Soon there will be so many out there that you can’t help but make a few photos.

Practicing With The Swallows

For part of my morning I sat on a bench and just had some fun trying to follow the tree swallows as they flew over the bog. If you have ever watched them fly then you know that most of the time they fly around like they are in a dogfight. They change direction and rarely fly in a straight line. It is a great challenge to try and keep them in frame. Just trying to keep them in frame though is fun, and great practice at keeping my focus point on my subject. Below are a few bonus photos from my morning walk yesterday.

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