Softball Close To Home

A Different View Of The Play At The Plate

Last night early in the game you could see this play at the plate developing. Normally when I am photographing for others I am on top of things. When you child is the catcher things are a little different. I found my head drifting out from behind the camera to watch the play closer. Luckily I kept her in frame, but it kind of made me laugh. I grew up admiring catchers. I was left handed, but I trained myself to throw right handed to try and be a catcher. Over the years in my photography career the catcher has always got a lot of love from my camera. I say all of that to say that I know what they go through during a game. It is really something else to watch your child go through that. These dust ups at the plate always make for good images, but now of course I have a little higher stakes in the outcome at the plate.

The Season For Our Kids Finally Gets Underway

When I started this adventure making sports photos about ten years ago things were much easier to schedule. I had a pretty open schedule that let me do as much as I wanted to do. Now with two kids playing sports I have found that it makes it much harder to get out and photograph other events. That is okay though. In a way I look at all that I have done up until now as practice for their games. It has all led up to this moment where I can do what I do for them. Hopefully someday they look back at these images and appreciate them.

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