Tis The Season

Baseball Season Is About To Really Start

This weekend my baseball season really gets going. A couple of weeks ago I got one early game in, but now things are going to get interesting. It starts with a early Saturday morning season opener for West Lafayette tomorrow weather permitting. I am writing this a day or so early so I hope that the forecast holds true and the boys can play. I am ready to photograph far too much baseball over the course of the next couple of months.

Edit: Of course after I wrote this the Purdue game today was moved up a few hours so I should be able to catch a couple of innings and start this weekend of baseball off a little early.

A Familiar Field

Every day I park at this baseball field to take and pick up my little one. Yesterday morning I walked over to the ticket booth to make this photo as a kind of warm up post for the season. This will be a fun season for West Side as they are starting a new era with a new coach. Hopefully I can make some photos of his first win in the morning tomorrow. Over the course of the last 10+ years I have made many photos at Bob Friend Field, and it will be great to be out there again. It has been hard to not make any photos at pickup as the boys are practicing and getting ready for the season. Tomorrow I will finally be able to get the gear out to make some photos.

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