Backyard Bird Portraits: The Mourning Dove

The Mourning Dove Stops By The Backyard Studio

One of the birds that hangs out in the yard year round is the mourning dove. There are three that we see almost everyday in the backyard. Back in the winter I had this session with one of the mourning doves as it stood watch while the other two were on the ground eating. They used to fly away the second that I walked outside, but as time has gone on they know that I am the source of food so they stick around a little longer.

Still Making Bird Photos

I have not been posting many birds photos lately, but I am still out there making them. I have tried to be more intentional with my bird photography this year. I still think that grabbing focus on these little birds is a great way to stay sharp for sports photography. If you can keep up with these little birds then the athletes look so much larger and easier to photograph. This weekend I hope to get some baseball photography in to test this theory out.

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