The Pine Village Gym

Finally Visiting The Pine Village Gym

It is amazing what you can miss when you are driving. On my various trips to Champaign and Indiana State over the years I must have driven by this very cool old basketball arena hundreds of times. Being behind the school I never saw it. It wasn’t until an article where I saw that it was about to be torn down when I realized what a cool old gem was just a few feet away from a well travelled path for me. This would have been an amazing place to photograph inside and out. Being a little late to the game I settled for making a few photos of the outside of this gym.

March Madness

How is your bracket looking? Mine is either completely busted or okay depending on how a few games go between when I am writing this and when it will go live. With semi-state basketball in town this past weekend a post showing a classic old Indiana gym seemed like a good idea. I know that it does not make financial sense to keep a place like this upright, but the heart wants to see all of these old classic gyms around for future generations to see. Here are a couple of bonus photos from my short time at this classic gym.

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