Hahn’s Peak Ten Years Later

Ten Years Since Hahn’s Peak

I have talked a little bit this year about how transformative the year 2013 was for me. So many good things happened to me that year that it will forever be one of those years that I look back on with fondness. One sad thing is that it has been ten years since I have been to Hahn’s Peak in Colorado. This little mountain was something that I had a lot of fun making photos of over the years. Looking back at these photos it really makes me want to get back out there to make photos.

The Scheduled Post

I have joked for years that if something ever happened to me unexpectedly you would still get updates on my blog from time to time. I find an old photo that I want to write about, and it gets posted to some date in the future. These scheduled posts allow me some flexibility at times. If I don’t feel like posting or can’t for some reason I can pull that post forward to still have a post that day. When you post at least a photo a day and I have for 12 years now you need to have some posts set aside for later.

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