The First Prophetstown Walk Of 2023

Finally Getting Out To Prophetstown

This has been a weird year so far with me trying to find wildlife in spots that I normally would not look for them. I haven’t been to the Celery Bog very much, and I have only visited Prophetstown State Park once. It was a trip with very little to photograph, but a lot to see. On my way into the park I saw a couple of harriers, but the heat waves were not kind to my photos. Some winter days you have to pick your battles. I made the photo above of this red-shouldered hawk about two feet from my car as I parked to start my walk. It was my favorite photo of the day, and I made it right away. Those are always the crazy days.

Getting A Good Walk In

On this day I walked about 2.5 miles with very little to photograph. The warm sun and the cold ground meant that anything too close to the ground would be obscured in heat waves from any distance. I took the chance to just get out and walk on a day with a very warm sun. AFter a cold winter it was nice to get out and get a good walk in. I need to get more of these in.

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