Photographing Xavier Men’s Tennis At Purdue

Another Match With Xavier Tennis

Friday I was back at the Schwartz tennis courts to photograph the Xavier men’s tennis team. I don’t get to photograph tennis very often so it is a fun opportunity when I get to. I am glad that Xavier gave me the opportunity to photograph both their men’s and women’s teams over the course of a couple of weeks. The men’s team played in a few very exciting matches that ended up giving me some great moments to capture. They went to overtime for the doubles point as well as the point that decided the match. Both of those moments were very fun to be a part of.

More Anthem Fun

The flag at Schwartz is in a pretty good spot to make a photo with the opposing team. I always try and line something up. Here just before the anthem I had a chance to make the photo with the hat still on. It was a photo that I liked before the action even started. That is always a good thing.

Slowing It Down Again

At some point in tennis you have gotten what you need from the matches that you are near. You are just kind of waiting for a break on one of the courts so that you can move over to another court for photos. When I find myself in that spot I usually have some slow shutter speed fun. If you can find an athlete with a quiet upper body when they hit the photos can really work well. Here this one turned out pretty cool I think. It is always amazing how fast an athlete moves in 1/15th of a second.

More Photos From The Match

You can view the full Xavier gallery here. It was very cool to open up the Xavier website and see my work on it. That feeling of seeing your stuff out there never gets old. I went straight from this match to the Harrison basketball senior night so I didn’t get a chance to see it up right away, but I did find it when I got home. When I first started making photos for teams I would always screenshot my image on their website. After a while I quit doing it, but I still have that folder on one of my archive drives. It had been a while so I found myself doing the same thing again on the Xavier site. It always feels good to see your stuff out there. Also if you like looking at galleries after you have finished going to the Xavier website you can take a look at the two galleries that I put out from the Harrison basketball games here and here.

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