Sending The Harrison Basketball Team Off To Regionals

Another Send Off Party At Harrison

This is the second send off party that I have been to this year at Harrison. The first send off was for the state finals for softball. That team didn’t have to travel far. They just had to go down the road to Bittinger Stadium. This time the girls basketball team was traveling to Marion for regionals. I could not make the game, but I did get down to the school just in time to photograph the send off. These are always fun events because the teams have done something great to earn them.

The End Of A Fun Season

Every season has to end at some point, and last night was that night for this Harrison team. This was a very fun team to cover. At the beginning of the season I had this idea that I was going to travel to all of the local schools and take in a game. Chance had me at a Harrison boys game first and one of the players on this girls team asked if I was coming to their game. I did go to their game and I had a great time. This team was fun to cover. They played with emotion and they had fun doing it. They also at the end of the year did something that no Harrison team has done in nearly forty years. Selfishly I wish that the season could go on for a while longer. Sometime this week I will put together a best of post of my photos from this year. It might be one of my better ones not because of anything that I did, but because of how this team plays the game. For now here are a few bonus photos from the send off yesterday.

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