Love At The Lafayette Theater

Reflections In Lafayette

Earlier this week I was in downtown Lafayette to visit a store when I decided to take my camera with me. After a morning full of rain the puddles would have to be pretty good. I found this one in front of the Lafayette Theater, but it was a bit in the road. During a busy time of day I had to time my photos just right. As I look at this photo I can see that it was rushed more than it should have been. A step or two to my left would have been much better. When you are dodging cars though sometimes you don’t have that time to think.

Love Songs By Distance

I realize that the marquee is talking about a band, but I thought that it would have been funny to have a show where the love songs gradually increase in distance. You could start with songs that really don’t say the number like So Far Away by Carol King, but then transition to songs like The Proclaimers 500 Miles. Of course Vanessa Carlton has to have them beat with A Thousand Miles. As I think about it Vanessa would have to close out the show because I can’t think of any songs from farther away. Anyway these are the things that I am thinking about when I am making photos instead of looking for the cars that could be hitting me.

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