Two Looks At The Moon

Keeping The Moon Theme Going

Last year I wanted to make more photos of the moon. The idea behind that was to get out and plan some more photos. I thought that I would keep that going this year. Here we are two full moons into the year and I have not planned a photo yet. I should say that I have not been able to see my plan through. I had a good idea in January, but the weather stopped it from happening. This weekend when it was full I was either making photos or it was cloudy. There was no in between. On Sunday night though I saw a gap coming in the clouds so I grabbed my camera and ran to the backdoor. I made a couple of photos through the gap that I liked. Of course like twenty minute later the clouds cleared completely, but I had my photo. At some point this year I want to try and make a very high res photo of the moon. I just need a clear and calm night to try it out.

Going Wide

In January I had a couple of straight days when I was taking my little one to school when the clouds looked great with the moon somewhere in them. I never was able to get home with the full color in the sky, but here I was able to capture a little of that. I could have gone very tight, but I wanted more of a landscape image of the moon. I think that this has some possibilities. Maybe with a foreground subject in the frame as well. This will get filed away for some time later in the year.

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