Cold, Hard, Patience


Waiting For The Photo

Yesterday I went down to the Wabash River to see what was playing out on the water. My goal was to find some eagles, but I knew that with the ice flowing down the river the ducks would be fishing as well. I did see a couple of eagles, but no fishing photos. I was sitting on some cold, hard concrete and I was just about to give up when nine ducks started to get closer to me. I spent a lot of time watching them fish the river before flying away just before they were near me enough to photograph. This group of nine was getting pretty close to me. When they were just about in range a large truck drove by and scared eight of them away. The one duck that was left was moving through the ice looking for fish. I really lucked out when it grabbed one and ate it giving me a perfect profile view as it did so. As soon as it was done eating it flew off. I had to wait a while for this photo, but it was worth it.

Winter Wildlife

Winter is the hardest time for me to find wildlife photos. You really have to work and be patient for a couple of photos. When you put in the work though it makes it so worthwhile when things work out for you. I am sure as long as it is cold out I will end up down by the river trying to make more of these photos. Here are a couple of bonus photos from yesterday that I liked.

2 Replies to “Cold, Hard, Patience”

  1. Really nice pics. For whatever reason, I never thought of ducks eating fish. I always thought they just ate the weeds and stuff. Shows you how much I know.

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