Moonrise At The Cabin

Remembering A Great Night

Ten years ago I was staying with friends and family at the cabin in this photo. On a couple of the nights I stayed in a smaller cabin a few hundred feet away from it. It had snowed so much that I had to snowshoe to the cabin. I stayed up late every night to make photos. I made this one just before midnight as the moon was rising. In my long exposure the moon behind the clouds is a bit blown out, but I actually like that. It is hard to believe that this was ten years ago. I remember in that golden cabin the word got out for the first time that I was going to be a dad. This was the beginning of a great year that I will post some highlights of as we move on.

The Little Details

I love that my snowshoe tracks lead you into the photo and the cabin. I think that back then that was more by accident than great planning. This year I really want to use more of these little tricks to lead you around the photo.

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