Another T-shirt Game Post

Having Fun At The Purdue T-shirt Game

Yesterday was my first game in Mackey this year focused on Purdue. I have been in a few times for opponents, but not the Boilers. It was also my first time watching them play as the #1 team in the country. It is amazing even writing that. I remember sitting in my seat in the stands not far from where the photo above was made when they were struggling a bit at the beginning of the Painter era. He was laying the groundwork for what we are watching today. It was really cool to stand and think about that during pregame. My seat yesterday was much better than my old one too. You can see my gallery from the game yesterday here. It was great to be back in Mackey photographing the good guys for a change. And really cool to see them as the #1 team in the country.

Landscape Photos At A Sporting Event

One of my favorite things to do at a game is to go wide. The t-shirt game is a perfect time to do that. When I worked with Purdue I would spend the first quarter or so of the game up top making images. Yesterday being on my own I was not allowed up there while the action was happening. Knowing that I spent time during pregame making photos up top. This is a perfect way to change up the look in the gallery as well as make some cool wide angle photos. It also let me dust off my 12-24mm lens which has been collecting dust lately. Below are a few bonus photos from the day that I liked. I really think that the colors lent themselves to black and white very well. I really debated making my whole gallery yesterday black and white. Maybe that will happen this week sometime.

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