Who Is This Art Guy?

Who Is This Art Guy And Why Does He Want Me To Think?

One thing that we found in 2022 was the Flourish Art Studio in downtown Lafayette. It is great place for the kids to go and let some of their creativity out. While at an open studio session I saw this sign on the wall. I liked that it made me think. I don’t know who this Art guy is, but he is pretty smart. If you want to find this Art guy he might be at Flourish Art Studio. Click here to see if there is an activity that you want to be a part of. We have taken classes as well as the open art session, and both of them have been fun for my little one.

Being More Thoughtful

This year I would like to be more intentional and artful in my photography. In 2022 I started making more photos for myself, and I had much more fun. In the past I would make photos that I thought that others would want. That is okay, but it gets boring quickly. When you are making photos for yourself it is much more rewarding.

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