A Campus Hawk

A Surprise While Out For A Walk

Walk out on a photowalk on the Thanksgiving holiday I watched this hawk fly past me and on to the top of the oldest building on campus. I had just made some photos there, but I walked back around the building to make a photo of the hawk on top. I thought about what a lucky break that was. I walked around a bit more before ending up near the building again. As I was walking down the path this hawk flew down and absolutely crashed into a tree near me. It had grabbed a squirrel and came in hot to get it. I was so close to the hawk, but it didn’t mind. In fact it jumped out of the tree with the squirrel so I could get the look you see above of it. It was a very lucky set of events, but made my walk even cooler.

Birding Photography With A Landscape Kit

I was out making landscape photos when I saw all of this go down. With that being said I only had a 24mm and 24-105mm lens on me. It was lucky to have the hawk so close, but with my 600 I would have had some amazing photos. I can’t always lug that thing around though so I made do with what I had. Just to get to see what I saw was pretty cool though so I am happy that I had any kind of camera and lenses with me.

7 Replies to “A Campus Hawk”

  1. You never know, that’s for sure. 🙂 We saw a number of these hawks as we drove to and from Illinois just before Christmas. Winter’s a good time for sighting them as all the leaves are gone. 🙂

    Hope you had an excellent Christmas, Dave.


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