Making Candy Canes At McCord Candies

A Great Experience At McCord Candies

I have lived here in Lafayette now for eleven years, and I have always wanted to see the candy canes made at McCord Candies. Of course by the time we think about it the tours are sold out. Last night we went as part of my little ones girl scout troop. We were finally able to see this in person. I don’t think that I was ready for how much I would enjoy it. I hoped that my little one would have a good experience, but I figured I would just watch. As it turned out I was the last one in the room still asking questions. They are still using the same tools to make these candy canes that have been used for years. Everything about this process was really cool to me and I don’t like candy canes. This is one of those things that I would love to photograph from start to finish.

Give McCord’s A Visit

The candy cane tours are sold out for the year, but the shop is still pretty great. In the past we would always make a couple of visits to grab a fountain soda and a couple of treats, and just look around. I love this shop all decked out for the holidays. You hear the term a good old fashioned Christmas a lot. At McCord’s it is reality. Below are a few bonus photos from our fun at the shop.

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