Christmas At The Purdue Arch

Christmas At The Purdue Arch

They have really stepped up the decorations outside of the Purdue Union this year. I don’t remember a time when it was lit up this well. I went to campus that night to make photos the Christmas tree inside of the Union, but I ended up making more photos outside that I liked much better. This is one of my favorite photos so far this season.

Getting The 12-24mm Lens Out

This is one of my favorite places to get the 12-24mm lens out. Pointing it towards the ground lets me put the Purdue seal into the photograph while also still getting the somewhat new archway in as well. It makes for a cool photo that helps show off how cool this area is. I used this same technique a few years ago to make a photo that is on a huge wall in the Union. It is a great point of pride seeing it hanging there. My daughter was with me when I made it so she likes to call it her photo. I love this spot, but the Christmas lights help make it a little cooler.

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