National Bison Day

What Did My Dad Say To Me As I Was Leaving?

Bison. I am going to admit that I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as National Bison Day until I saw Wolf Park talking about it yesterday. They have a herd of bison at their park so if you have nothing to do today and the weather holds out you should head out there and give them a look. They really are huge beasts that I am not sure that I would like to tangle with in the wild. These are pretty tame ones though from what I have seen over the years.

Getting Out To Wolf Park

I really need to get out to Wolf Park more often. I say it in every one of these posts, but I really do enjoy it out there. They had a photo seminar today, but the day that I found out about it I had already taken a gig making photos at the football game. If you ever want to get up close and personal with wolves then you need to check that seminar out.

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