A Carolina Wren Portrait

The Carolina Wren In The Backyard Studio

Last week I was in the backyard studio waiting for a kinglet to come a little closer when this carolina wren landed a few feet in front of me. The last bit of fall on the trees gave me a beautiful background. The backyard studio is always changing, but this time of the year it is changing very quickly. The fall leaves are quickly leaving, and it will be pretty bare soon. I usually only make photos in it for the next few months when the snow comes in. This was a great way to use the last of the fall colors back there.

Preparing For Winter

I always joke about squirreling photos away for the winter. The winter is usually the hardest time of the year for me to fill this blog up. This year will be a little harder. I only have passes right now for two games in Mackey. The challenge of this winter will be finding subjects during a time of the year when I find that the hardest.

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