A Golden-crowned Kinglet Portrait

Using The Backyard Studio Again

Yesterday I was planning where to make photos at when I realized that my backyard was full of birds. There are usually a couple of birds in the backyard, but this time it was packed. I also saw a small group of golden-crowned kinglets flying around. I grabbed my camera and sat on the back deck to make some photos. For most of the time the kinglets stayed far away from me, but this one came pretty close to check me out. I made this photo as it cocked its head from side to side looking me over.

Completing The Kinglets

Last week I posted a photo of a ruby-crowned kinglet in the backyard. About a week later the golden-crowned variety shows up. I love it when the birds come to me. I can control the situation a little more in my backyard. One thing that I found this year though is that with a little more planning I can really control my backgrounds. Next year the backyard studio will be set up a little differently hopefully with much better results.

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