A Ruby-crowned Kinglet In The Backyard

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet Stops By For A Visit

Last week was a busy week on the blog. I had it all planned out so I really didn’t need a lot of extra content. I kept seeing a ruby-crowned kinglet in the backyard, but with these birds if you are not out there then you have missed the photo. After a couple of straight days seeing the kinglet at the same time back there I decided to camp out the next day a little earlier. I was rewarded with a very close appearance by not one, but two of these kinglets in the backyard. It was a good decision that gave me the photo above.

A Little Luck, And A Little Planning

I always say that to make good wildlife photos you just need to be out there. With a lot of time in the field the luck will come to you. Here the luck part of the equation was checking the backyard at the same time for a couple of days in a row. The planning was making sure I was out there at that time the next day. I love it when all of that comes together for a photo.

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