A Great End To The Weekend

A Great End To An Amazing Weekend

Last night we were in Elliot to see The Book Of Mormon. It had been a minute since I was last able to see some theatre live. During the pandemic we were all able to see Hamilton through streaming, but there is nothing like seeing a show in person. This was the perfect way to get back out there to see something. It was not very serious at all, and had some catchy songs. Thankfully things are getting back to normal after a long time, and nights like this may start to become more frequent again. I obviously was not there with my good camera, but my iPhone did an okay job of giving me a photo to remember the night with. This photo was more for me than anything, but it is a nice way to remember a fun night.

Back In The Saddle

This was a fun week. I photographed what is probably my last soccer matches on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday night was a fun senior night for Harrison football as well. Saturday I was able to get back out and photograph roller derby for the first time since 2019. This has been a strange fall. I have not had the access that I was used to at Purdue. I have only been credentialed for one football game, and that was for the opponent. When I have showed up at other sports I have people ask me what I am doing there. It is a weird feeling to suddenly be on the outside looking in. This weekend showed me that there are places where that isn’t the case. It was a good feeling for sure. I need more weekends like this one.

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