The Stained Glass Of The Union

A Different Look At The Stained Glass Windows Of The Purdue Memorial Union

A while ago while on a walk around campus with my little one I made this photo of one of the stained glass windows of the Purdue Memorial Union. These windows are now famous, but on this day the light through them was not too great. I decided to play with the different light and shade areas in this photo with a black and white image. I was something different on campus which is always welcome.

Spending More Time At The Union

This has been a fun year spending a little more time in the union making photos. I have tried to change things up a little and make some images that are different from what I have made before. In the basement that is easy as it is all brand new. On the floors I have visited many times over the years that can be a little harder. That is the challenge and fun in photography. Trying to see familiar things in a new light.

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