Hide And Seek

Playing Hide And Seek

This squirrel plays games with my dog every day. It will hang out on this tree just over our fence in the backyard, and peer over the fence to find the dog. It will then run along the fence just out of reach of the dog. At first I thought that I was seeing some coincidence when I would see it happen, but after a while I realized that the squirrel would seek this interaction out. Last week our dog was at day play when the squirrel was looking for some fun. It sat here for quite a while before finally moving on.

Fun In The Backyard

Right now the only feeder in my backyard is for the hummingbirds. The rest of it has different plants and what some would call weeds that the birds like to feed on. This gives me a pretty fun little area to make some photos in. At times it seems like a mini little wildlife sanctuary, but it gives us some pleasure watching everything interact. This winter the plan is to actually design something that will make more sense and better photos. Hopefully you see some of the fruits of that next year.

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