A Great Meal

Having A Fantastic Meal At 8Eleven Bistro

Last weekend we had an amazing meal at 8Eleven Bistro for my little ones birthday. We had some family members join us for their Chef’s Table meal. It was an amazing process where we were able to watch the many dishes being made while eating a few of them. I went into the night with very high expectations, and they were all exceeded. I had thoughts of posting photos of our meal on there, but I decided against it. There are those that are food photographers, but I am just a mediocre sports photographer. I will leave the food photos to the pros. I did have some fun documenting the meal though.

When Chance Works Out

Earlier in the summer we were invited to a meal at 8Eleven by a friend. We had never eaten at the new restaurant yet so we were a little excited. We all loved the meal, but the star for my little one was the key lime pie. Since that initial meal at the restaurant I have bribed my little one to head up to campus with me to make photos with a trip to 8Eleven to grab a slice of that key lime pie. We had been planning this meal for a long time now, and it was great that it lived up to the hype that we had placed around it.

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