Up Close With The Hummingbirds

Up Close With A Hummingbird

Saturday morning started off with me making photos of the hummingbirds in our backyard. I looked out the back window early on and the male came up to the window to let me know that the feeder was getting low. I went out to fill it and then brought the camera out to make some photos. I made some photos that I liked as the birds were in the trees, but the photo above is by far my favorite. This bird sat on the post of the feeder and gave me a great show. I was able to photograph all angles, and of course the tongue flick that you see there. It was a great start to what was to be an awesome photography day. The posts for the previous two days show off some of the other images that I was able to make.

The Hummingbirds Preparing To Leave For The Winter

Every year I put a hummingbird feeder or two out for the birds that pass through. This year for the most part we have had two birds that have been feeding off of it. A male and a female that never stayed too close to it. Lately though many hummingbirds have started to show up so the feeder has become a little contested. The male and female have been staying a little closer to better guard it. That means that I have a few more opportunities to make photos of the birds as they keep an eye out. Below are a few favorites from the past few days that I have made.

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