A Different Kind Of Fireworks

Watching A Storm Roll In At Purdue

Last night I had plans to make some fireworks photos on campus. I had read that they would be set off at the stadium so I figured that I would give it a shot. This was an idea that I had for opening night of football, but I am impatient so I would try it a little earlier. With a storm coming in I guess the fireworks were cancelled, but a much cooler show was happening in the sky. I decided to keep my subject the same and try and frame something up. Three were some bolts a little higher in the sky so I went with the vertical framing. Just outside of this frame was an amazing bolt that would have filled the frame if not shot out of it. I didn’t capture it, but it was enough to light up the clouds for me and give me a good frame.

A Great Day

As far as photography goes Saturday could not have been much better. My day started off with a couple of very photogenic hummingbirds that gave me some nice photos. I made some of my favorite hummingbird photos of the year as a start to the day. My afternoon was spent making soccer photos. A little rain came in to give me something extra to work with. I am that rare stupid person that actually likes when it rains at an event. Of course a little storm watching and photography ended my day. These are three things that I love to do, and to get a chance to do all of them in one day is pretty amazing. The best part is that I get another chance at the fireworks in a couple of weeks during the first home game of the year for Purdue football.

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