Another Close Encounter With The Belted Kingfisher At The Celery Bog

Seeing The Belted Kingfisher Up Close

One bird that I love making photos of is the belted kingfisher. I think that I like it so much because the bird really does not like having its photo made. It is very shy and it rarely will stick around once it sees you. Here though I was able to move a little closer and it stayed and posed for me. When it did grab a fish it was in the other direction and behind a stick, but I liked my portrait photos of the bird.

Using My Canon 600mm Lens

My 600mm lens helps me make photos that I really like. With the 2x extender on it I can really get up close and personal with the birds. The only problem with the lens is that I have to manually focus it because the motor is out on it. For photos like the one above that it not a horrible thing, but it does make bird in flight photos that much harder. It is fun to try though.

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