Experimenting With Infrared Photography

Having Some Fun With An Infrared Camera

Yesterday I posted a black and white image that I made with a Sony A7R3 that was converted to make infrared photos. This allows me to show campus in a completely different way. Yesterday I went out and made a couple of quick photos to see just what the camera would see. I like the idea of this, and I plan on making a series of images to really see what I can do with this thing.

What Is Infrared Photography?

Yesterday I had a couple of questions about exactly what I was doing. This camera has been modified to see light just outside of the spectrum that our eyes can see. Humans can see light in between 400nm and 700nm. This camera shows the light at 720nm which is just outside of that range. What the camera sees is the reflection of light. That is why the leaves appear to be the brightest thing in the photo. This has been a fun adventure so far finding out what exactly I can do with this thing. It also gives me another way to look at campus.

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