The Planets Align Over Lafayette

Getting Up Early To See Something Special

Early Friday morning I was up on campus to try and photograph the planets aligned over Purdue. My first location was not going to work so I decided to quickly change things up and make my photos over the city of Lafayette. I knew that from the Purdue Union garage I would have the view that I needed. It was pretty cool to see so many planets right in front of me. Saturn was in a spot that would never make a photo, but I could always look at it. Here you have Jupiter at the top of the frame, Mars in between Jupiter and the moon. And then below the moon, but right in line with the other planets was Venus. Mercury should have shown up as well, but I think it was lost in the morning light. It was still an amazing experience to see all of these planets lined up in the night sky.

Making A Pano

This was such a large event that I was using my 24mm lens to make photos of it. That wide lens let me get everything in frame, but I knew the detail would not be there. I decided to throw the 50mm lens on my camera and try a pano. The pano allows me to make the wide frame that I want, but still have a ton of detail in there. It is a huge file, and the only problem with the pano is that it will really only looks its best printed big. On a computer screen or a phone screen the grandness of it is lost. I debated posting the photo because of that reason. You can click on the photo to head over to me website and see it bigger yet if you choose. I love the stars that show up and how the planets form that unique line. This was worth waking up for.

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