Another Win For The Aviators

The Aviators Get Another Win At Home

Last night I tried something different at the Aviators game. I had my little one with me so I pretty much had to come up with a few new ways to make photos. The main goal of the night was to have some fun with her, but at times I also concentrated on photos. It was a fun night teaching her a little more about baseball. I love the game so when she enjoys it as well it makes me very happy.

A Beautiful Night

Before we left we walked out to the outfield to make a couple of photos of the stadium. There were some clouds behind home plate that were catching the light very well. While we enjoyed the view we also saw a nice play by Brandon Daniels the Aviators centerfielder. Lanie got a great view of just how quickly you have to react to get to a ball.

More Photos From The Game

Photos were not the priority last night, but I still made some that I liked. Here they are. If the post seems a little off it was because I was up super early to try something out. It actually worked and you will see that photo tomorrow.

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