A Posing Yellow-rumped Warbler

When The Birds Stop And Pose For You

Most of the time when you see a warbler you have very little time to make a photo. When it looks like it is posing it is more often then not just quickly pondering its next move before quickly flying off. This warbler actually spent a couple of seconds checking me out and looking right at the camera. I love it when things work out for a nice photo.

The Common Warblers

One thing about warblers is that what is common around here is not common everywhere. I have friends out east that do not see these birds very often so they are rare and would be a great subject for them. Here there are so many during migration that everyone ignores them. I always try and make the best photo possible while out and about. If it is a common bird on a good perch then I will make that photo. Someone somewhere will find it interesting.

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