Hammer To Fall

Trying Something New

I haven’t been making photos around the Purdue sports section of campus lately. I have felt like I have just been making the same images over and over up there. On my way back from my moon photo on Slayter Hill Tuesday night I stopped my car to see if the moon lined up with the boilermaker statue. I thought that it would, and it was in line to go right where I wanted it to. I had this idea for a photo during the day, but with the sun you have all kinds of problems that you have to deal with when it comes to telephoto lenses. With the moon though I could accomplish what I wanted to without burning out my eyeball. Making a white balance correction would give me the look that I wanted.

Fat And Happy

When I have made a few photos that I like in one night I call the feeling fat and happy. I may pass up a photo opportunity because I am happy with what I have already made. I was feeling that way here. I had already made some good photos and been out in the heat for a couple of hours. Air conditioning and anything cold to drink sounded pretty good. I walked down to the statue and made this photo anyway. I am glad that I did as it might be my favorite photo from the night.

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