Pointing The Way

Having Fun At Slayter Hill

Tuesday night I found myself at Slayter Hill making photos again. It seems like every summer I spend a few nights at the top of the hill waiting for the sun to go down. On Tuesday night I was hoping for a cool moonrise, but while I was waiting I made the photo above. I love the architecture of Slayter Hill as it is something we just don’t see anywhere else around campus.

A Very Good Night

I went up to campus a little early in order to make this photo. The moon photo that I had in mind was something that could have easily failed if I couldn’t find an opening in the large trees at the top of the hill. This was my safety photo to make sure that I had at least one photo for a blog post on Wednesday. Of course I had a very fun night that ended with a few photos that I liked on the night. When you post a photo a day these kind of nights are amazing.

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