The Acadian Flycatcher At Happy Hollow Park

When The Bird Wants On The Blog

While waiting for the foxes over the last couple of weeks one sound was heard over and over. Thanks to the new sound feature on the Merlin app I was able to find out that it was an Acadian Flycatcher. This bird would follow me down the path and kept landing in trees near me. Sometimes those perches were good, and of course other times they were not very photogenic. It was cool that this bird was following me though, and earlier this week when I stopped to see where it was I saw the Canada Warbler that I would have passed up.

The Merlin App

I have found a middle ground with this app that I like. I quit walking around with it on because it would have all of these cool birds that it heard on it, and I would not have seen any of them. I decided that it is better not to know what is up in the trees. When a bird is calling near you though this is great for someone like me who has no idea about birds. I can now tell these flycatchers apart. Here are a few bonus photos from the flycatcher as it followed me down the trail.

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