Growing Up Fast

The Fox Kits Are Growing Up Fast

Yesterday I went for a little walk at Happy Hollow to see if the fox kits were out and playing. It was a cooler morning so I hoped that they would still be out. They were out and they were very active. When I first started watching them they would just hang out near the den and their mom. Yesterday they would venture off into the woods, and a couple of them came back with a little something for breakfast. These kits are growing up very fast, and it has been fun to watch.

When Art Imitates Life

This morning I dropped both kids off at school for their last day of the year. It is always a time to sit and reflect just how fast life is moving by. Just like the fox kits the kids are exploring and finding things that they like away from home. It is always nice when we are all together in our den though. Below are a couple of bonus photos from a little time with the foxes yesterday.

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