The Canada Warbler At Happy Hollow Park

A Nice Surprise At The Park

This morning I was leaving Happy Hollow Park after making some photos that I liked. An Acadian Flycatcher was following me down the path and calling. I stopped to make a photo of it and this Canada Warbler hopped up on a perch right in front of me. It called a couple of times before taking right back off. The encounter did not last long, but it was my favorite photo from the walk.

When You Least Expect It

This is pretty much how photography has gone for me. The coolest things happen when you least expect them to. I was ready to leave the park this morning and the best photo of the day just presented itself to me. For the rest of the year this is pretty much what I plan on doing with my photography. Just go out and see what presents itself to me. Besides some fun with the local summer ball team I have no real plan for the year. The only plan is to try and find some interesting photos out there.

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