A Red Fox In The Park

Finally Seeing The Red Fox Mother In Person

For a week or so now I have heard about the foxes that are in a local park. I had heard about three possible dens, but I had only seen a couple of kits until today. This morning I was lucky enough to see all six kits and their mother. I stayed way longer than I had planned and made way more photos than I thought were possible. That is a good thing though. Above is my favorite photo from the day. The mother taking a break in some interesting light.

More To Come

From the last few days I have a few photos of this fox family. So many in fact that I have not gone through them all yet. I usually like to stay on top of these things, but with softball in full swing I have been making way too many photos lately. There will be a post or two in the future showing some of the behavior that I was able to see with this family. Coming into this spring photographing foxes was not even on my radar. I know of one that shows up from time to time in my neighborhood, but not anything to really photograph. This has been a pleasant surprise that has made the spring a little more exciting.

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