The Tennessee Warbler At Happy Hollow Park

Finally Getting A Good Look At The Tennessee Warbler

For a couple of days I kept hearing the Tennessee warblers as I was walking down the trail. They were never in a position to photograph them though. I ended up with a little luck and a change in the park it forced this warbler down to me a little. I decided not to chase the birds above me this year, but when they keep calling above you it is hard not too.

Don’t Look Up

In years past I would have a sore neck for most of the spring because of the warblers. Looking up into the treetops for hours on end was not good for the neck. This year I made a deal with myself to not do that so much. The photos are rarely as good that high anyway. It takes more patience, but I hope that at the end of the day my neck feels better. The photos should be better as well when the birds come lower.

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