The Black-billed Cuckoo At Happy Hollow Park

A Quick Encounter With The Black-billed Cuckoo At Happy Hollow Park

Usually every year I run into a couple of cuckoos at the Celery Bog. To be honest I forgot this year that these birds come through the area in the spring.  While standing around at Happy Hollow Park this black-billed cuckoo came flying in very close to us. It gave us some poses in a couple of places before flying out of sight. It wasn’t a very long encounter, but when it was there it was a great one.

Trying Something New Out

This time of year is a great time of year, but a little success can make you repeat your steps to have more success. Today I decided to try something different in the hopes of seeing something different. Part of the fun of photography is challenging yourself. Trying to make bird photos in a park that I rarely visit is a great challenge. With a little knowledge on my side I plan on heading to the park again tomorrow. Maybe I can find something else new.

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