Making The Most Of A Bad Situation

Finding The Silver Lining In A Photo

The other day at the Celery Bog a great egret flew over me while I was making warbler photos. My initial reaction was to make a photo of it. With the grey, dull skies though I did not initially tag it to come into my computer. I was thinking that I needed a nice blue sky as my background. During a lull in the bird activity I went back and looked at the photo. I decided to tag it and see what it looked like in black and white. On dull days I rarely will point my camera at the sky because in color it just looks dull. I started thinking about a series of images that I could make on these days though. I could be a fun challenge this spring to try and make some really interesting black and white images. When you start going out to the bog often you feel like you are repeating yourself over and over. By challenging myself to make some interesting black and white images I can give myself some motivation on cloudy days to get out and make some images.

A Few Bonus Photos

With this idea in mind I went back and edited a few photos from April with a white sky in the background. They are photos that most likely would never have ended up on the blog, but now they have a new life in black and white. I am excited to see where this little side adventure takes me this spring. Here are some of those newly edited photos.

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