Top Ten Purdue Softball Photos Of 2022

My Ten Favorite Purdue Softball Photos From The 2022 Season

This was a weird year where I wanted to attend more Purdue softball games than I did, but weather and life kept getting in the way. They have a beautiful stadium, but only had twelve games on the home schedule this year. When weather hits that number starts to go down even more. I wish that I had more chances to see this team this past season.

10. This right here is what makes softball so much fun. The emotion on nearly every pitch. Here centerfielder Kiara Dillon celebrates a couple of strike three calls. Weather didn’t matter. It could be snowing and she was still hanging on every pitch. I love the emotion, and that is what makes softball photography so much fun.

9. A big three run bomb for Alex Echazarreta makes it in at number nine. Not only is she the power hitter on the team she is also the ace pitcher. It is pretty cool to see someone that can do it all.

8. I love these moments where infielder tries to steal a couple of inches to get the runner out. Then body positioned in such a way that the tag can be applied quickly to get the runner out. I didn’t make many of these photos this year, but this one was my favorite.

7. Emotion is what makes this sport so much fun to watch. Here I found a way to have the emotion and a clean background.

6. The action in the infield happens so fast that you have to have guessed right to get it. Here I was on the right player when the ball came to them to make the photo.

5. These new bats are something else. The way that they bow on contact makes the bat on ball photos that much cooler. I usually don’t like these that much because the face is obscured, but here it worked out for me.

4. I love the softball pitching motion. For most pitchers you have so many places where a photo can be made. Here just as the momentum starts to move forward is one of my favorite places to make a photo.

3. I have always loved making catcher photos. With a catcher in our house now I have really focused in on the position even more. Here senior Keeled Hallada puts on her gear while watching the game unfold.

2. Rachel Becker is one of the best that I have ever seen play softball in person. At the old stadium Varsho put up some numbers that I thought were unreachable. Rachel came in and showed us that the next great Boilermaker is just around the corner. She has been fun to watch over the years for sure.

  1. Here is a fun photo to make. Just before the strike out cancer game the teams lined up down the baselines. I didn’t have a lens wide enough to capture the action so I made a couple of quick photos to stitch together into a panorama of the action. I make many photos of this stadium in the off season so another fun one in season makes the list at number one.


As I write this the home season is done, and baseball is the only sport left on campus this year. It is starting to really sink in that this victory lap is almost over. When COVID hit I was not given a choice that things were over. This year was a bonus year that I gave myself to get out and make as many sports photos as I could before I pack things up. I was glad that I was able to get to Bittinger to spend a couple of last games in the dugout there.

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