The Yellow-throated Warbler At The Celery Bog

Patience Helps Me Make A Yellow-throated Warbler Photo At The Celery Bog

Yesterday I had a couple of chances to photograph a yellow-throated warbler, but the bird was never in a great spot. The best part about bird photography is that you usually get a second chance to make a photo. The first thing that I did today was to walk down to that same spot thinking that maybe the bird would be there. Imagine my surprise when it was. It was in a terrible spot to start things off, but then it quickly moved to the tree right in front of me. I made the photo above and I was very happy. After a couple of years of not being happy with my photos of this bird I was finally able to make a photo of it that I liked.

The “Bad” Photos

Above are the three photos that I made over the last couple of days of the bird in a spot that was not ideal. The bird looks okay, but the location was not the best. Luckily I was able to improve on that though to make the photo above. I am never against making a photo of a bird on a made made object, but I would rather make a photo on a more natural perch.

More Photos Of The Yellow-throated Warbler

Here are a few bonus photos from this morning of the yellow-throated warbler.

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