Coming In For A Landing

A Little Patience Pays Off

Friday morning I spent a little time waiting for some of the remaining pelicans at the Celery Bog to get anywhere near me. It just was not happening, but there was enough near the water to keep me there instead of looking for warblers in the woods. My patience paid off when a few pelicans came over from the other pond and landed fairly close to me. Here you can see one of them banking before making its final approach to the water.

Sticking The Landing

After waiting for an hour or two it is always good to have your patience rewarded with a little action. The brief flight by some of the pelicans made it all worthwhile. I was watching an eagle and an osprey sitting across from each other, but they never really did anything too interesting other than to change places with each other. While they played too far away for me the pelicans gave me something to work with. At this point though any pelican photos seem like gravy after they have stayed for so long. Below are a couple of bonus photos of the pelicans as they circled overhead.

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