The First Warbler Of 2022 Is The Yellow-rumped Warbler

My First Warbler Of 2022 Is The Yellow-rumped Warbler

Friday morning I was at the Celery Bog watching the pelicans again when I decided to make one trip through the woods to see how many warblers I could find. Usually the spot at the point allows you to see some warblers, but I never saw any while I was there. A lot has changed at the Celery Bog so maybe the pattern of the birds has as well. I ran into a fairly large group of yellow-rumped warblers feeding down by the water. They are the first of what I hope are many species to come this spring. After a long winter with very little color, these bright and colorful birds are just what the doctor ordered.

Great Practice

These birds are around four inches long and they don’t stay in one spot very long. They are excellent practice for making any kind of sports photography. If you can keep your focus point on these birds an athlete seems very large. That challenge is also what makes this time of year so much fun.

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